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Corporate and Ethical Responsibility

The need for social responsibility forms a key and integral part of Burger Co's strategy. The fat that our activities or those of our employees may have an effect on the environment is of great concern to us. Burger Co endeavours to operate in a socially repsonsible manner, with particular emphasis on the follwoing areas.

Waste and Recycling

To minimise waste production through business activities and look for innovative ways to recylce water materials.


To carry out our service using environmentally friendl materials and equipments, which are energy efficient and produce minimal harmful waste.

Transport and Distribution

To utilise where application efficient distribution and transport for both goods and personnel.

Employment and Training

It is the responsibility of Burger Co to ensure that all employees understand and carry out actions to promote environmental performance to the best of their ability.

Human Rights

To ensure that all of our employees are treated fairly without breaching their human rights.

Community Work

To ensure that Burger Co Continue to pay attention to and work with the local community in which it operates.


To reduce the demand on energy resources from our day to day activities.

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